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Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service in Philadelphia?

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Cleaning Service in PhiladelphiaIn todays world there is so much information and competition for your limited dollars. You constantly hear about the horror stories of hiring someone that does not deliver the goods or service they promised. It is a major concern when you are making decisions for your family, business and lifestyle.

At the United Maids of America we clean effectively because we train our employees how to clean and offer extended education. We also check our jobs frequently and work closely with our clients. If you have an issue; just call us and we’ll fix any issues within the scope of our agreement. WE have been a part of the cleaning industry for 15 years and have learned what works and what doesn’t . Our owners have studied the market, worked closely with janitorial supply manufacturers and provided quality control for many top tier contracts. So much so that our owners have become commercial cleaning consultants working with some of the areas top companies to make sure they use the most effective products, budget correctly and make their clients happy in the end. After all, making our service a positive experience is why we got into the service industry in the beginning.

So to get back to why hire UMA. We are licensed, bonded & insured. WE have serviced the Greater Philadelphia area for 15 years both residentially and commercially. We have an overall positive rating on Google, Yelp, CitySearch etc. WE are members of the SBA, Phila Chamber of Commerce and are Green Cleaning Certified.

If you have to choose a company that stands apart from the others then choose the United Maids of America!

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United Maids of America is a full service residential & commercial cleaning organization serving the Greater Philadelphia & South Jersey area. In business for 20 years. Licensed, bonded & insured. Our ultimate goal is to franchise and grow while maintaining high quality services.