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We don’t just clean ! We are Cleaning Consultants !

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We are asked this question by all of our commercial cleaning clients and most of our educated residential clients.

Overall, we use top of the line products that may help you reduce the risk of getting flu and colds. This is especially very important when it is flu season. On great thing about getting a top to bottom Spring Cleaning is that we will clean, disinfect and sanitize all of the areas of your home or office that you wouldn’t think to clean. Nor do most people have time to clean effectively.

Our employees are owner trained, detail oriented and customer friendly. Do you want “Green” products ? No problem. We have a great array of natural green products too. Just ask and we will meet your needs and guidelines. One thing we do know is that although green products are better for the environment and everyones overall health they do not kill all the bacteria and virus’s that some of our hospital grade cleaners can destroy. With that being said, we are here to clean to the best of our ability. We are willing to do what the client wants. So just let us know your preferences.

WE are constantly trying to stay abreast of all of the new janitorial products and equipment that comes available for our cleaning uses. We work closely with some of the top janitorial supply companies and have started our own Cleaning Consulting Company. We have recently started working with many area schools regarding the cleaning products and cleaning operations. We hope to expand our work in this area.

WE believe that understanding the cleaning industry inside and out will make us the premere cleaning company in the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey area. So, need help with your commercial cleaning operations ? Your Home ? Your construction project ? Restaurant ? School ? No problem. Give us a call !

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