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Apartment Turnovers by UMA !

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It’s that time of the year again. Move in and move outs are occurring all over the Greater Philadelphia and Tri-state area.

Philly Area Apartment Turnovers

Call today and get up to $50 off initial cleanings (one per customer) !

The United Maids of America has been cleaning thousands of apartment complex’s for 15 years. Licensed bonded & insured. WE provide top notch cleaning personell and products in order to make your turnovers cleanings come out as expected. We have worked with some of the biggest property managers and building owners in the area so give us a call for a free quote. I’m sure you will love working with us.

Communication is our greatest asset so call today  !

Call today, why wait ?

215 765-1458

866 976-Maids  (Toll Free)


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United Maids of America is a full service residential & commercial cleaning organization serving the Greater Philadelphia & South Jersey area. In business for 20 years. Licensed, bonded & insured. Our ultimate goal is to franchise and grow while maintaining high quality services.

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Yeah, you guys are the best