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The United Maids of America was started because of a desire to live up to the high standards set down by our American forefathers.

WE also knew that hard work and tenacity would eventually make this a company that comes to mind “first” when considering hiring a cleaning contractor.

It is ironic that the United Maids of America was started in the great City of Philadelphia. A city with so much American history and American Triumph!

Overall, the United Maids of America is all about “Top Notch” cleaning quality and services !

Why Cleaning?

In the the beginning we had a house cleaning company come to our home and the quality and communication with the management was terrible. We saw a “niche” market that needed an upgrade and one that we knew we could fill. After all, we wanted to be self employed and what better way to do it than to help others live a better life.

UMA was started because we saw a need for quality house cleaning services around the Philadelphia area. No company that we hired lived up to the hype. Most were not legitimate and many were down right scary. We heard stories of inexpensive mom and pop cleaners who did not define “professionalism”. The horror stories of hiring non legal cleaners is endless. We feel that is is well worth the extra money to hire a company that is licensed, bonded & insured.

Changing the perception of the Cleaning Industry one home and office at a time

Our goal was to change the negative perception of cleaning personnel in general. When people think about “cleaners” in general they think (ewe, they steal, don’t trust them etc. ).

At UMA we hired and trained the best candidates. All of our employees are legal and we pay taxes, workman’s comprehensive insurance and more. Our employees are paid more than the average and we offer bonuses and other incentives to keep our workers motivated and happy.

We take our workers feedback seriously and this helped us create a winning atmosphere.

Its been over 17 years and the United Maids of America is stronger than ever.


UMA is a full service residential & commercial cleaning company serving the Philadelphia Tri-State area. No job is too big or too small and our growth possibilities are endless. We have also started an Emergency Restoration Division and have Expanded to the NYC and surrounding Suburb areas including Long Island, NY.

Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal is to “franchise” our company and one day have the United Maids of America in every city in our great nation. Go USA and Go UMA !

Give the United Maids of America your business! We guarantee 100% satisfaction !